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As one of the largest writers of School Bus Insurance in the State of Florida, we can service the needs of basically all Private School Bus Transportation Firms, from large fleets to the smaller School Bus Contractors.

We represent, most times, all Companies that insure School Buses and Public Transportation in South Florida.

The Florida Department of Education School Transportation Management Section provides leadership, assistance, and training for school districts and other clients to ensure safe and efficient transportation of Florida public school students.

Eligibility criteria for transportation funding, in accordance with section 1011.68, F.S., call for:

(1) The student to live two or more miles from the school.

School Bus Transportation, normally a School District Service, has expanded in the heavily populated Counties of Miami Dade and Broward, to Private School Bus Transportation, as most students live within 2 miles of schools and parents prefer to pay Private School Bus Transportation Contractors rather than have their children walk to and from schools.

The majority of Private School Bus Owners and Operators are local Parents and Grandparents.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools is the fourth largest school district in the United States, comprised of 392 schools, 345,000 students and over 40,000 employees. Located at the southern end of the Florida peninsula, the school district stretches over 2,000 square miles of diverse and vibrant communities ranging from rural and suburban to urban cities and municipalities. A truly global community, district students speak 56 different languages and represent 160 countries.

Private School Buses in heavily populated Miami Dade County date back over 50 years and the demand for this service has grown to the extent that the County has enacted regulations to make sure children are safe.

Below is information required of Private School Bus Transportation contractors based on the requirements in Chapter 30, Sections 30-370.1 through 30-372.1 of the Miami-Dade County Code.

Vehicles must be registered, inspected for safety and display a valid inspection certificate issued by the department’s Vehicle Inspection Station.

All private school buses that transport children age 5 or younger must have a child safety alarm in accordance to Ordinance 12-03. All other private school buses must complete a Child Safety Alarm Affidavit [Adobe Reader]  and bring it with the vehicle for inspection.

Certificate of Insurance with minimum limits of liability of $10,000 for bodily injury to any one pupil and $5,000 multiplied by the rated seating capacity of the vehicle or $100,000 whichever is greater. 

A First Aid Kit.

Additional requirements include:

One 2.5-pound ABC-rated fire extinguisher charged and certified by proper authorities.

Black and yellow buses with seating capacity greater than 24 passengers require a five-pound ABC-rated fire extinguisher.   

Name and phone number of the entity providing the transportation on left and right side of the vehicle.

A sign with the words "Caution Transporting Children" in letters large enough to be seen from a reasonable distance, on the rear of the bus. (Not required on black and yellow buses).

Obtain a valid inspection decal from the Vehicle Inspection Station prior to starting operations.

Take vehicle to the For-Hire Inspection Station with a current Florida Vehicle Registration, Certificate of Liability Insurance and applicable inspection fee.

Inspections for “Black and Yellow” buses are valid for one year.

All other private school bus inspections are valid for six months.

Additional Business Requirements

An Occupational License issued by Miami-Dade County Business Licensing.

A Chauffeur’s Registration issued by Miami-Dade For-Hire Transportation.

Effective December 1, 2012, a Child Alarm System. 

Drivers of these vehicles must each have a valid chauffeur registration.

We also insure Party and Casino Buses, Medical Transportation and Church Buses & Vans

Other Insurance Coverages available to Public Transportation clients: General Liability, Worker's Compensation, Umbrella, etc..